Workshop costs

The cost of a typical workshop being delivered starts at £30.

Within the workshop, children get to roll a beeswax candle or set of birthday candles (depending on their age). They also get to paint their own clay bee decoration (other pollinators are available such as birds, butterflies, squirrels and rabbits). Each child gets a biodegradable, bee stamped bag to take their finished products home in and some biodegradable twine to hang their decoration on. 


The cost per child for this activity is £6.00 with a minimum of 10 children per workshop and a maximum of 40 children.

Please note that a fully up-to-date DBS certificate is available on request and workshop activities are fully insured. I have 15 years teaching experience (working as a Head of Year and Head of History in two secondary schools in Carmarthenshire, and winning The Guardian Award for Outstanding new Teacher of the Year 2003). Please use the contact page to get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!